1.0  General

1.1  Walk-in Coolers and Freezers to be constructed of prefabricated panels to allow convenient and accurate field assembly and future enlargement by the addition of panels.

1.2  Walk-in Coolers & Freezers to be NSF.

1.3  Insulation to be 25 flame spread – 450 smoke.

1.4  Walk-in Coolers & Freezers to be UL approved for electrical components.

2.0  Panel Fabrication (Meets or exceeds H.R. 6 Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007)

2.1  Standard wall and ceiling panels shall be 47” and 23” width and shall be interchangeable with like panels. Standard height shall be 94” and 100”outside. Corner panels are to be 12” x 12” and ninety degrees for strength and ease of installation. Panels shall be of foamed in place urethane insulation sandwiched between interior and exterior metal substrate. Edges of panels shall be foamed in place tongue and groove with cam action locking devices. Locking devices are to be foamed in place at time of fabrication.

3.0  Floor Construction

3.1  Floor panels to be same as wall panels with the addition of reinforced inside pan.  Floors to  support 500 pounds per square foot of evenly distributed floor loads when panel is fully      supported.

4.0 Insulation (EcoMate) Registered Trademark

4.1 Each panel shall be completely filled with rigid foamed in place urethane having a thermal     conductivity (K- factor) of .140 BTU/hr. square foot per degrees Fahrenheit/inch. Insulation shall have 97% closed cell structure, with an average in place density 2.4 pounds per cubic foot, and a compression strength at yield point of  30 pounds per square inch. Overall thickness shall be 4 or 5″ inches.

5.0 Metal Finishes

5.1 Standard metal finish shall be 24 gage stucco embossed galvalume interior and exterior.

5.2 Optional metal substrate. Embossed aluminum .040, .040 mill finish. Appliance white .040 smooth finish. Stainless steel 24 or 22 gage polished, 24 gauge USDA white galvanized.

6.0 Panel Locking Assemblies

6.1 Assembly of walk-ins shall be accomplished by cam action panel fasteners. Fasteners to be foamed in place and activated by hex key wrench provided with each unit. Access ports to be covered with cap plugs. Access on interior of boxes to allow assembly of walk-ins from inside.

6.2 Ceiling panels and non-standard panels, shall have Louisville Cooler’s unique, patented pin bar locking assembly.

7.0 Gaskets

7.1 Gaskets to be foamed in place to the male side (tongue) of all panels, on both interior and exterior.  Gaskets to be impervious to stains, greases, oils, mildew, etc.

8.0 Entrance Door

8.1 Each walk-in shall be fitted with one standard 36” x 80” swing type door. The door shall be flush mounted in the door section. Door finish shall match the walls of the walk-in.

8.2 Door shall be equipped with magnetic gasket, chrome latch and hinges. Safety inside release handle. Neoprene drag strip attached to bottom edge of door. Door jam shall be heavy duty extruded aluminum.

9.0 Partitions

9.1 Construction and finish of partition walls to be the same as walk-in walls. Partition walls shall lock into walls, ceiling, and floor with cam action locks.

10.0 Options

10.1 Clear vinyl strip doors, 6” wide for coolers, 4” wide double over lap for freezers.

10.2 Dial thermometer, 2 ½” exterior reading – 40 to + 60 degrees required for NSF.

10.3 Hydraulic door closer (mounted at the top of door).

10.4 Heated vent port 2 ½” diameter 120/1/160.

10.5 Reach in doors, 24” x 30” – 24” x 60”.

10.6 Exterior door ramp.

10.7 Interior door ramp.

10.8 Aluminum kick plates.

10.9 Vision panel 14” x 24”, 14” x 14”.

11.0 Bumpers

11.1 Heavy gage tread plate cart bumpers floor mounted.

11.2 Wall mounted cart bumpers.